Available Courses

CCW Initial

Cost: $75

Students will spend 8 hours in a classroom environment, gaining knowledge regarding the laws and legal aspects related to firearm ownership and possession. Students will learn about federal, state and local laws pertaining to the carrying of a concealed weapon and use of a firearm. Students will also be exposed to topics of tactical skills, personal safety, situational awareness, firearm safety, shooting techniques, weapon choice, ammunition, concealed carry and holster considerations, CCW application process, along with numerous demonstrations and discussions regarding actual scenarios experienced in the real world. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussion and share their knowledge and experience.

Students will also participate in 4 hours of firearm use on the range. Each student will be instructed on the safe use of a firearm and shooting techniques. The range is designed to further increase the student’s knowledge and shooting skills. Each student will be expected to demonstrate the safe use of a firearm and the ability to use their firearm.                                        

Range will typically take place the day following the 8 hours of classroom instruction. Due to the time required to complete the CCW initial course, it typically takes place on a weekend. Classes can be designed around specific groups and their needs and can occur on consecutive weekday nights if specified.

Each student will leave with a greater understanding and knowledge of the laws related to firearm possession and concealed weapon carry and have the skills and confidence necessary to be a responsible CCW holder. This 12 hour course satisfies the Dept. of Justice requirements for the initial CCW application process.

CCW Renewal

Cost: $45

Students will spend 4 hours in a fact filled environment that will bring them up-to-date on current laws and regulations as they relate to firearm possession and use. Students will also learn about firearm safety and the always changing firearm laws in California. Each class is designed around the group of students, their needs and skill levels. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussion and part with an understanding and increased knowledge of firearm laws and safety. This 4 hour course satisfies the Dept. of Justice requirements for the 2 year CCW renewal requirement. As of Jan.1, 2019 all CCW renewal applicants will be required to qualify with their weapon they intend to list on their CCW permit. See additional information in the FAQ section.

Personal Shooting Instruction

Cost: $250 (one on one inst.) $125 (2-3 students) $100 (4 or more students)

Individual and/or group instruction to folks interested in obtaining additional shooting/ tactical skills. Each course is tailored around the students needs and requirements. Instruction is flexible based on the course outline and firearms utilized and typically would consist of a one day range experience. Students will shoot a minimum of 300 rounds during the training day and receive a certificate of completion.