Client Experiences

"I recently attended Dave’s two-day CCW course, and it was outstanding!  Dave is thorough in covering all aspect of the law pertaining to concealed carry and also just the law in general as it pertains to each citizen with respect to firearms and the transportation thereof.  He uses his years of experience as a former member of the sheriff’s department to offer practical examples and scenarios an individual may encounter when carrying a concealed handgun, as well as some very real examples of what not to do!  On the range, he demonstrates patience with those with little or no experience and offers pointers for those who have more.  I wholeheartedly recommend the courses offered through DCI Tactical, whether initial CCW or renewal.  You won’t be disappointed."

Greg Rasmussen

“Good Class, Very Informative.
My wife and I have taken a number of CCW classes and Dave’s was the best. Besides the normal legal and safety information we received a good amount of practical and valuable insights into issues surrounding concealed carry. Also got good info and instruction at the range. Listen and learn and your shooting will improve. When renewal time rolls around we’ll be back..”

Mike Ralston

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave for the past several years. I have spent several hours with Dave in the field and on the range and have always been impressed with his shooting abilities and high degree of knowledge of firearms. Dave is top notch and a true professional in all he does. Dave is one of the most giving people I know and always a pleasure to be associated with."

Jay Reagan

"Dave is a tremendous supporter of firearm rights. This is apparent in his course philosophies and instruction. Dave has a vast knowledge related to firearm laws and instructs at a level that is easily understood. Dave makes range safety a priority and no matter what level of shooter you are, you will leave with improved skills and a better knowledge of firearms."

Dave Shoffner